The Cost of the Ipad

The Cost of the Ipad

Before the Ipad came out students that were nonverbal, would have to use a big non portable talkbox that would cost a couple hundred dollars. Insurance companies finally deiced to cover the cost of the older talkbox. It wasn’t until 2012 that the Ipad came out and revolutionized technology. It was something you could carry around, it was smarter, and cost less money. Unfortunately insurance companies have yet to cover the cost of  the Ipad and the app that goes along with the Ipad. Which at most would cost them around 500 dollars. Verse the huge outdated machine. The reason why insurance companies haven’t added Ipad to the some families insurance is because they believe that the student may use the Ipad for personal usage and not educational usage. The issues with that is that there are case you can buy that doesn’t allow the student to press the home button so they can’t download games and use it for personal usage. Some companies have set up funds that parents with a child that is in need of a Ipad can apply for, also if the school has the proper funding a student may also receive an Ipad.  


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