The Cost of the Ipad

The Cost of the Ipad

Before the Ipad came out students that were nonverbal, would have to use a big non portable talkbox that would cost a couple hundred dollars. Insurance companies finally deiced to cover the cost of the older talkbox. It wasn’t until 2012 that the Ipad came out and revolutionized technology. It was something you could carry around, it was smarter, and cost less money. Unfortunately insurance companies have yet to cover the cost of  the Ipad and the app that goes along with the Ipad. Which at most would cost them around 500 dollars. Verse the huge outdated machine. The reason why insurance companies haven’t added Ipad to the some families insurance is because they believe that the student may use the Ipad for personal usage and not educational usage. The issues with that is that there are case you can buy that doesn’t allow the student to press the home button so they can’t download games and use it for personal usage. Some companies have set up funds that parents with a child that is in need of a Ipad can apply for, also if the school has the proper funding a student may also receive an Ipad.  


Use of the talkbox

I recorded this video to show how the talkbox is used in education. The student is reading Are you My Mother by  Dr. Seuss his teacher put every word or the book  into his talkbox and he had him push a button with a picture associated with the word so he could read the book, while along with it practice reading.  This is an amazing tool is not only used for English but also math she holds up flashcards with simple addition on it and has him type out the equation. They have gotten to solving the question but are making progress.

Blog #4

Blog #4

This link takes you the a website about an autistic who for years was never able to talk, or anyone thought she was ever going to say a word. Until one day she walked to a computer and started typing one word after another words that no one thought she even knew. After that she went through intensive therapy she was able to type out her thoughts and wants. After this discovery she started to write her own book about the ups and downs of living with autism. How she feels about living years with a family that thought she could not understand anything they were saying about her right in front of her. I believe that this is an amazing site that allows people to get into the mind set of someone who is autistic more specifically non- verbal people. This also shows the power of talkbox, and its ability to help non- verbal people.    

What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication?

Augmentative and Alternative Communication, is the communication methods used to supplement or replace speech or writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language.  My question is how AAC effects learning for a student. I work with special needs students everyday during my school day and most of the students in class are non- verbal. The reason I want to learn more about how they learn is because I want to be a special education teacher. The picture below is of a students “talkbox,”  and his home page of words. It is actually just an Ipad with an application that allows students to communicate, when they are unable to on their own. This device is one of the key tools used to help students learn.